About us

We have been active in the online world for over 16 years. With an e-commerce store and a blog, we have felt the potential of this time. At the same time, we have been on the road a lot at trade fairs and conferences on the topic of digitalization. There, however, we noticed how far companies in Europe have lagged behind on this issue.
That’s why we came up with the idea for so-geht.digital. With the clear aim of advancing digitalization in Germany and the surrounding area. We are convinced that no one can give up this opportunity any more.

Digitaler Wandel Fachkraeftemangel

Without its presence on the net, a company has become virtually invisible. Internal processes can also be accelerated and automated. The limits of the actual possibilities are still unknown.

Treffpunkt Digitalisierung

We connect experts in their field with potential customers who may still need some help. Our platform is free for everyone involved. The site is our contribution to advancing digitalization.