Benefits of Salesforce Integration in Google Analytics 360 Suite

Salesforce and Google Analytics 360 are each market leaders at their level. One in the CRM area, the other in the analysis of customer data. The evaluation of the respective data often takes a lot of time and is very tedious in the gathering. Fortunately, there’s the possibility of Salesforce integration with the Google Analytics 360 Suite. You can read about the advantages it offers and why it is indispensable here.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the world’s leading provider of CRM when it comes to CRM, with over 150,000 companies using it. The software brings companies together with their customers at all levels. This means that all areas from IT, marketing and sales to customer service and brick-and-mortar, as well as online retail, are in contact with the customer on a common platform.

It is the CRM solution for managing customer relationships. Always equipped with the latest technologies, Salesforce is always one step ahead of the competition. Business deals can be achieved faster and more is simply achieved in less time. Salesforce not only increases efficiency and productivity, but also generates revenue.

Salesforce has Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud. The data from both can be imported into the Google Tools later. Salesforce Sales Cloud also offers some critical benefits. Here you can manage contacts, opportunity management, lead management, sales forecasting, reports and dashboards, and optimize sales processes.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides tools for B2C journey management, online advertising, data management, email marketing, mobile messaging, and B2B marketing automation.

What is Google Analytics 360 Suite?

The Google Analytics 360 Suite (comparedto Adobe Analytics ) is one of the leading platforms for data and marketing analysis. It offers an integrated solution for large customers of all kinds. It is designed to help advertisers better understand the entire customer purchase process in order to tailor their own marketing measures. The Google Analytics 360 Suite consists of six individual products:

  • Analytics 360
  • Attribution 360
  • Optimize 360
  • Tag Manager 360
  • Audience Center 360
  • Data Studio 360

Analytics 360 is arguably the best-known program in the 360 series. It is the more professional and advanced version of the free Google Analytics. Attribution 360 is used to determine the performance of marketing activities across all channels. The Optimize 360 tool is equally important for optimizing existing marketing activities. Here, users can perform extensive A/B tests to help improve websites.

Tag Manager 360 provides all-encompassing conversion tracking, remarketing, and site analytics. Audience Center 360 provides the highest level of data management, which should ultimately help customers to better understand. The last tool in the series is the Data Studio 360. This is where an analysis and visualization of data is carried out. The data can be drawn either from other Analytics products or even externally.

The benefits of Salesforce integration

Data and marketing analysis has been a challenge for companies ever since. Especially the entire customer journey is often not easy. Collecting, evaluating and drawing meaningful conclusions from different CRM and analysis tools takes time, nerves and a lot of work. Google and Salesforce are the respective leaders in data analytics and CRM. The two companies teamed up in early 2018 and have been offering the solution by integrating Salesforce data directly into Google Analytics.

Sales pipeline data from Sales Cloud can now be imported directly into Google Analytics 360. So this is the first time that sales, marketing, and ad data have been combined. This allows for more extensive use of these. This allows Salesforce milestones to be tracked in Google Analytics. Performance tracking is also possible through any sales and marketing channel.

Due to more accurate remarketing audiences, the customer value is significantly higher. In addition, it offers many other benefits for other Google platforms as well. Due to the enormous amount of data that can be evaluated, the budget is distributed more effectively among the channels. In one place it can be shortened, in the other it can be increased. Data-driven budget adjustment is a huge advantage and can save many monetary resources. Simply, integrating Salesforce with the Google Analytics 360 Suite means a better and simpler understanding of the customer and their needs. This makes it easier to match any activities.

Data can also be used to predict the probability of purchase, analyzed and evaluated. Which channel also brings the most valuable customers? Implementing the Salesforce data brings the answers. This will make better use of existing resources.

The implementation of both channels is a bit complex, but definitely manageable. From the corresponding web lead form, the Sales Cloud Leads and Opportunities must be loaded and generated by the Analytics 360 Tracking ID. Salesforce then automatically and very regularly imports the data into Google Analytics. Then they can be further used and processed.

Salesforce integration with Google Analytics – Conclusion

Hundreds of thousands of companies around the world use both Salesforce and Google Analytics 360 Suite. Both solutions and their various tools cover the entire range of CRM, data and marketing analysis. However, the Google Suite is certainly more intended for larger companies due to the price intensity. The use of both tools together is highly recommended.

Integrating Salesforce Clouds into Google Analytics primarily saves time. Better conclusions can be drawn from the respective activities, budgets can be used more effectively and more sensibly. This makes data visible for the first time in one and no longer has to be laboriously assembled by hand. All in all, the one who decides against integration is at a disadvantage. After all, this brings immense benefits and the little effort required to complete integration is extremely rewarding.

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