How it works for consultants/service providers

We need their expertise!

Many companies are aware of the benefits of digitalization. However, there are difficulties in implementing it. Experts on online marketing, web design, process digitization and much more are needed.

If your company is active in these areas, then you are exactly right with us. We help you connect with new customers.

Digitalexperte gefunden werden

Companies that need a specific service provider use our expert search option. Among the results, you could also appear. A simple listing and a consultation quickly become new orders.

Due to the many posts on our site and targeted SEO, we ensure a high search volume. So your service gets an increased demand without you having to do anything about it.

Expertenprofil digitaliserung auf so geht digital

Create a profile to be found by others in the expert search. Your company will then appear with all important information and contact details. The customer has everything at a glance and can reach you directly. Creating a profile takes only a little time.
A listing on does not cost you a penny. You want to help with the progress of digitalization, then click herenow to become part of our platform.