LinkedIn Basic Knowledge: 7 Tips for The Success of Your LinkedIn Showcase Page

A central task of any company is to describe your buyer personas (target groups). If these personas are different from each other, the challenge for companies is to address them individually. It’s also hard to get all the buyer personas on a social media site equally excited about the company.

LinkedIn Showcase pages as a digital showroom

Some companies, such as Adobe, Cisco, and Intel, have already found a solution. You have created so-called showcase pages. Now LinkedIn has also adopted this feature, which makes it easier for companies to create their own showcase page for each of their services and products. The problem so far has been that there were several unconnected company pages on LinkedIn. Showcase pages is also the solution here.

LinkedIn even went so far as to replace the old product and service tabs with showcase pages. Why I think this is the better option and it can help you overcome many challenges related to your LinkedIn marketing, I’ll look at in more detail in this article. I want to explain to you what a LinkedIn Showcase page is and how to create more commitment to your brand. Earlier, I’ll describe how to create a LinkedIn Company page.

u003cstrongu003eWhat is a LinkedIn Showcase page?u003c/strongu003e

The u003cstrongu003eLinkedIn Showcase page is a contextuale u003c/strongu003eu003ca href=u0022 which is fundamentally different from the LinkedIn Company page. LinkedIn’s Showcase Pages (on German: u003ca href=u0022 are designed to make it easier for a company to promote a specific product or service to a particular buyer persona.

LinkedIn users may choose to follow a specific showcase page without having to follow the Company Page or any other of their Showcase Pages. With this feature, it is easy for a company to advertise a specific product/service individually and to target a specific target group.

For example, if you are a service provider for further education, your customers in the field of commercial training will not be forced to read another technical contribution, e.g. about nursing professions, provided that you set up separate showcase pages for both areas. This means that creating appropriate content aimed at a specific audience can be done easily with the help of the LinkedIn Showcase page.

The features of the showcase pages can help companies place the content to match the target audience. It is therefore a question of preparing content tailored to specific target groups and tailor-made content. As soon as relevant content is published on a showcase page, LinkedIn offers companies individual statistics and advertising opportunities for showcase pages.

To find the showcase page on your LinkedIn company page,you should click the management tool and see the pull-down menu shown.

The pages appear as a separate result when searching on LinkedIn. Depending on your company’s needs, you can add up to ten showcase pages.

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It is important to note that the showcase pages can be subscribed to by your visitors in the same way as the company pages, but do not count as followers of your companies. In addition, it is necessary to design these pages individually according to the needs of the respective target group in order to achieve maximum success. The only downside at the moment: Does your company already have multiple company pages? Unfortunately, you can’t merge them or convert them to Showcase Page.

However, according to LinkedIn, the company is working to provide a feature that makes a simple switch possible. It is also important to know that for the time being, the Showcase page can only refer back to a single central company page as a link.

How do you create a showcase page?

Fortunately, creating a showcase page from your LinkedIn Company page isnot difficult. Follow this simple instruction and your LinkedIn showcase page is created in minutes:

Showcase seite erstellen
Create a LinkedIn Showcase page about your company profile
  1. Move to the right corner of your LinkedIn business page and click the AdminTooldrop-down button. Click“Showcase Page”.
Showcase Seite Name und URL
Choosing the name and URL for your showcase page
  • Select the page administrator and name. This name cannot be the same as the main page because it is used to create a “custom URL“. Click ” Createpage“.
  • Showcase Seite infos
    A new LinkedIn Showcase page without content
  • Provide the information you need, such as industry, website links, and images, as you would on a normal business page.
  • Auswahl an Informationen für Ihre Showcase Page
    LinkedIn guides you through the information you need before publishing your showcase page
  • Click thePublishbutton.
  • Create your desired content for the audience.
  • Create up to ten showcase pages.
  • All you need is these six steps to create your showcase page. But: Are there any differences between the showcase pages and the regular company page? When you ask this question, the answer seems to be YES. There are differences between the two sides, although they were created for the same purpose.

    What are the differences between LinkedIn corporate pages and showcase pages?

    Key factors to distinguish the LinkedIn page from the Showcase pageare as follows:

    • Showcase pages allow large image sizes
    • LinkedIn Showcase pages are created with a 2-column layout,as we know it from newspapers, for example.
    • The company pages usually have a tab for products, services or careers at the top of the page. The Showcase page does not have a tab for products, careers or services.
    • Employee profiles can be linked to the LinkedIn company pages, but not in the showcase pages.
    • The entire showcase pages, regardless of their number, must be linked to a central corporate page.

    Benefits of the LinkedIn Showcase page for business:

    The reason to bring your business to LinkedIn is to create engagement and build a strong network of people who are interested in your business, your products, or your service. To make this goal easier and more segmentable, showcase pages are created. They are created with custom content, which can improve the brand experience of your marketing efforts. The following advantages must be noted:

    • Create a special place for each of your products, services or for your employee rendite branding: One of the main benefits you have as a business owner by using this Showcase Page is to create a specific space for your specific product/product segment or Your service. This makes it much easier and more individual to address your target group in a personalized way.
    • Make it easy for your business to interact with a specific audience: If you have a company that offers products and services, you know that not all customers are interested in all your services or products. Most customers will only be interested in a particular product and may feel irritated if they market a product they don’t want. The Showcase pages help you interact with each of your audiences who are interested in a wide variety of products. The target group interested in purchasing a particular product is provided with only those content that meets their needs and not by further information that would distract them from their actual purpose.
    • Create a defined niche for your LinkedIn marketing: The definition of the niche based on the product or service is made much easier with the help of the showcase pages. You can define your niche by service or product that is different from that of the entire company or brand.

    In summary, the possibilities you can use with the help of the Showcase pages on LinkedIn are almost unlimited. If you want a personalized customer approach that improves your marketing results, you should get started soon.

    What are the possibilities with Showcase Pages?

    After the introduction to LinkedIn Showcase Pages, it is exciting to learn more about the possibilities that Showcase Pages offeryou beyond that. Some companies on LinkedIn, which are first listening to Showcase Pages, probably don’t know what they’re getting.

    Since the presentation of the content is necessary for the involvement of the audience, the showcase pages are delivered with a function that allows the integration of a large image, also known as heroimage. Insert the image at the top of your page along with your company information and links to other showcase pages.

    At the bottom of the image, the content is provided with two-column layout formatting. Your feed is provided in the center and front, with updates always displayed above the above-the-fold.

    Followers can be informed about your LinkedIn Showcase pages, for example, using the newsfeed:

    • Information about upcoming webinars
    • Product Announcements
    • corresponding industry and corporate news
    • Links to matching blog posts

    How do you see the performance of your showcase page through analytics?

    Showcase Seite analytics
    LinkedIn Showcase Analytics

    A critical aspect of any content marketing strategy is the evaluation of performance. You should therefore regularly monitor and evaluate the analysis data to gain a deeper insight into the performance of your current marketing strategy.

    With the help of analysis of the showcase pages, you can view key figures for the engagement of each of your contributions. This allows you to easily determine which contribution has performed better than others; which posts should be reposted, changed, or completely removed from your page. Analyses also make it easier for you to gain a deeper insight into the trends. You will be able to identify trend patterns using key metrics.

    With the help of Showcase Page Analysis, you can gain an accurate insight into demo, geographic and sociographic data and more easily understand it. This allows you to optimize the reach of your content using the LinkedIn Showcase page – without affecting your LinkedIn Company page.

    7 Tips on How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Showcase Pages

    To make your site powerful and event-oriented, consider the following optimizations:

    Tip 1: Choose a simple show case name

    You shouldn’t make the mistake of using an ambiguous name for your showcase page as this can confuse your audience (don’t make me think). When choosing a name, you should be specific, as the showcase page is made for specific marketing.

    The showcase page like Google you used are a good example of simple and easy-to-understand names. They include Google Ads, Google Partner, Google Cloud and Google Analytics. Although Google’s strong brand awareness is an added benefit to success in using the Showcase page,smaller companies should focus more on audienceswhen creating many showcase pages. As a training company, for example, these could be the subject areas, as tea trading companies the different types of tea or from the different tea regions.

    The secret is to always put your company’s name in front and continue with a brief description of the service.

    Tip 2: Explain to your audience what your site is all about

    You should also add a slogan explaining what your visitors can expect on the respective LinkedIn Showcase page. If you use a short 120-character description on your page, visitors can easily see what it’s all about. By the way, studies have shown that many users share the content when the teaser appeals to you.

    Tip 3: Fill in all the information

    If you want your showcase page to create engagement and attract leads, you need to do some things. These seem very obvious, but not self-evident. One of these essential things is filling in all sorts of information. Even if you have already provided this information on the Company LinkedIn Showcase pages. This has been shown to improve the discoverability of your showcase page!

    “Optimizing your LinkedIn Showcase page starts by filling in the required basic information. According to the LinkedIn report, pages that have filled in the required fields have a chance to get 30% more views per week than the pages that filled in the field.”

    Tip 4: Choose a captivating and relevant hero image for your showcase page

    It is frightening how many shop window pages do not have a hero image. You are satisfied with the LinkedIn standard image, here you lose a significant opportunity to show your target group the added value of your showcase page. Furthermore, you should consider how to value your customers if you don’t even have time to choose a reasonable picture! As a customer, I don’t really feel valued.

    To optimize your showcase page, you need to use a strong Hero image that also gives your business an outstanding presence on the Internet. Limit the image resolution to 536 x768 pixels for maximum display quality.

    A bright, relevant image for your site can really make your site special and appeal to the audience, as it can help to convey the brand message clearly and intelligibly. Pro Tip: Write in the image what awaits the user on your showcase page!

    Tip 5: Be consistent when publishing to the showcase page

    A content strategy is required to optimize your showcase page. The pages are designed to present each of your products or services to a specific audience in a personalized way. Therefore, you should make sure that your posts remain consistent on the page.

    [easy-tweet tweet=”Ein Beitrag auf dem LinkedIn-Blog besagt, dass Seiten, die konsistente Postings beibehalten, die Chance haben, ihr Engagement durch Inhalte regelmäßig zu erhöhen.” user=”MirkoPeters8″ url=”” template=”user”] Per tip: Subtitles short hold a maximum of 150 characters!

    If you publish the same content on both showcase and company pages, it should be noted that publishing the same content can be considered spam. To avoid spam, you can run a showcase page analysis that determines the number of overlapping audiences. This allows you to choose the better option for publishing. Pro Tip: Rewrite your texts to suit your target audience. Not only do you avoid the spam problem, but you’re inspiring your followers of the respective pages with targeted content.

    Tip 6: User videos to promote engagement on your showcase page

    The visual appeal of content is important everywhere, especially in the field of social media marketing. The success of a showcase pagethat contains videos is five times higher than other types of LinkedIn content.

    Using LinkedIn native videos can be an additional advantage. The video can be uploaded directly to the LinkedIn platform. Native videos on LinkedIn are known to be rewarded with better reach compared to non-native videos such as YouTube or Vimeo.

    In addition to videos, there is also a podcast, which unfortunately cannot be natively integrated into LinkedIn Showcase pages. Here we recommend using LinkedIn Pulse posts, which you can then post on your Showcase page.

    Tip 7: Create a strong community

    LinkedIn Showcase pages are created to build a network of people with the same interests in your product or service. Promoting conversation on your side can help you create a strong community. Give tips, ask questions, or share relevant messages that inspire your audience. Regularly see what leads to high engagement with your target group and publish similar or complementary articles!


    LinkedIn Showcase pages provide a variety of waysto help your business engage your audience directly. It’s another specially designed social media marketing tool that can be a big help for businesses if you use it properly. As with other social media management tools, you need to use your time, energy, resources, and commitment to succeed with the Showcase page. A well-optimized showcase page targets a specific customer segment to provide relevant information.

    Since the entire showcase page is linked to the company’s central main page, the showcase page is known to be different from the regular LinkedIn company page. That’s why your business page can benefit by creating showcase pagesif you manage to convince the audience of your business.

    Please introduce your showcase pages in the comments and share your experiences!

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