Mirko Peters (born May 6, 1982 in Bonn) is a trained salesman for audiovisual media and a senior expert in analytics and market insights at Wilhelm Büchner University of Applied Sciences and the SGD. He advises companies and brands in the fields of e-commerce,online marketing and internet strategies and accompanies complex data projects. His work focuses on data analysis, project management as well as the development and implementation of efficient online marketing strategies as well as the implementation of complex online shops and their back-end processes. With more than 18 years of professional experience in digital marketing, Mirko Peters is your competent contact for digitalization topics, among others, focusing on digital marketing and sales. Mr. Peters is also a non-fiction writer – a selection of his books:

In his spare time he deals with astrophotography, film photography, 360 degree photography and virtual reality. Digitalization in a wide variety of facets is constantly arousing its interest. Mirko Peters is an investor in vr-vasy.com a SaaS solution virtual 360 degree tours.

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